A lot of physical, emotional, and mental health issues can be identified through iridology.

Light Therapy

Benefit from the strong healing effects of far infrared light, near infrared light, blue light, and vibrational technology.


Biofeedback is used to help reduce stress and improve quality of life.


What you put into your body has a serious impact on your overall health.

Other Services

Halcyon Health offers a number of other services that work in conjunction with other services.


It seems that the last couple of years have found many of us facing challenges and learning experiences that we could not have imagined. Throughout these events, humility and gratitude have been constant themes.

As we move forward into even more adventurous times, we need to be prepared. Join me on Facebook as I will be posting monthly tips and hints for how to keep healthy, and how to be prepared for some of life's unexpected challenges.
To provide you with additional information about Halcyon Health's offerings, we have started a series of videos.  Check out our first video on the Biofeedback page.  We hope this gives you a good idea of what to expect from a Biofeedback session.
I look forward to working with you as you achieve your wellness goals. Blessings in 2016. Click to learn more about us and how to contact us.